7 Espionage Cosmetics Gift Ideas for the Convention Geek in Your Life

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7 Espionage Cosmetics Gift Ideas for the Convention Geek in Your Life

Having trouble deciding what to gift the nerd or convention junkie in your life? Fear not, us Nerd Misfits at Espionage Cosmetics got you. Sometimes it’s difficult to come up with gifts for that special nerd, but it’s a lot easier than you think! You wouldn't believe how many con-goers and cosplayers forget all about their nails! That's right, we've curated a list of awesome #NerdManicure choices for the convention geek and any of these suggestions will not only polish off an outfit, but also completes any cosplay with a special finishing touch quickly and with little effort.

All of our nail wraps come in a 14 or 22 set to include various sizes to fit your mitts! These nail wraps are durable and help to protect those gorgeous claws of yours for up to two weeks and only take about ten minutes to apply!

Gift #1: Chainmail Nail Wraps

Photo by @IAmDeliasNails via Instagram

Photo by @IamDeliasNails via Instagram.

Whether you prefer the Arthurian version, Mithril, or some other iteration, chainmail has long been the... er... literal "Under Armour" of knights, heroes, and adventurers of all sorts. These nail wraps captured its glorious clinkety-linkety-ness and created these tough-as-nails design--complete with dragon scale accent nail - for all of you intrepid lads out there with a mile-wide adventurous streak. Just watch out for Kobolds, they're rampant this time of year.

Chainmail comes in a 14 sticker set of assorted sizes to ensure they fit you like a glove. These wraps go for $10 and you can grab a set here. Because these nail wraps are gray and have hints of glitter, they go great with a variety of outfits you'd wear to a convention or with many different types of cosplay! This #NerdManicure would be perfect for those Assassin's Creed, Oblivion, and even Game of Thrones cosplays.

Gift #2: Comic Book Nail Wraps

Photo by @IamDeliasNails via Instagram.

The only thing worse than a bad manicure is a bad villain. These comic book inspired glitter nail wraps help you fight crime and keep your nails beautiful for up to two weeks. With all your favorite onomatopoeias, you can send any joker running with a “BAM! POW! THWACK!” and a TKO all without chipping a nail. Go on, be the terror that glitters in the night; just remember, no capes!

These wraps are $10 a set and are the perfect finishing touch to any super hero cosplay or inspired outfit! They really embody the comic book vibe and we promise, you'll get tons of compliments sporting these at any convention. Grab a 22 sticker set (also includes a mini nail file for your convenience!) here.

Gift #3: Critical Hit Nail Wraps

Photo by @IamDeliasNails via Instagram.

Your party has reached the fabled dungeon. You kick down the door, and GIANT MAN EATING KOBOLD! Guess you'll have to roll for it. Too bad you squandered all those points back at the village trying to seduce the tavern wench... These wraps are perfect for seasoned and occasional campaigners alike, featuring portions of dungeon map and 3d20, 1d12, 2d8 and 1d4 at the tips, so whatever systems you're using you should be more than covered in the event of dice lost under the couch! Roll up some characters, peeps, it's time to quest!

Critical Hit is a nail wrap favorite for gamers and role players alike! If you're going to a con as an original character or similar, these are a great add on! Grab your $10 set of 14 wraps here.

Gift #4: Gradient Nail Wraps

Photo by nails_by_yatyara via Instagram.

 These glittery Gradient nail wraps are perfect for everyone and any outfit or cosplay! These come in a few different choices: Demi-God Glory which is green and gold glittery, gradient gloriousness, I Am the Night which is a mysterious gold and black glitter gradient (remind you of a certain vigilante?!), League of Justice which includes a gradient of fire orange, gold, and purple, and lastly there is Smashing which is a lovely blend of dark purple, emerald green, and silver (avoid getting angry whilst wearing these!). These are available in a 14 piece set for $7. Grab your gradients here.

Gift #5: Manga Nail Wraps

Photo by @plus10kapow via Instagram.

Up your moe factor with these chic manga wraps. With Manga becoming a $5.5 billion industry for Japan, the style of sketched storytelling has spread in popularity across the ocean... and now on to your nails. Show off your love of the Japanese mangaka with our glossy durable nail wraps with hints of glitter as you turn the pages.

The Manga nail wraps are $10 per 14 piece set and are great for manga or anime conventions and will surely get senpai to notice you! Get yours here.

Gift #6: Mask Nail Wraps

Photo by nails_by_yatyara via Instagram.

All super heroes don't ware capes, but that doesn't mean they can't sport a #NerdManicure! These Mask nail wraps come in a few different glitter and gradient colors--Blue & Red, Cyan & Lime, Orange & Pink, Purple & Teal, and Silver & Gold! Each version of this wrap comes with a super cool slightly varying mask! These 14 piece sets are $10 per set and can be used to add the finishing touch to any super hero inspired costume or outfit! These are even great for everyday--whenever you want to feel super! Complete your hero uniform with a set of wraps here.

Gift #7: Steampunk Nail Wraps

Photo by @plus10kapow via Instagram.

Our original Steampunk wraps, designed with the supreme power of steam! All the sparkly apparatus you could ever wish for, right at the tips of your fingers, these little beauties are lovingly covered with all manner of mechanical paraphernalia and finished with a delightful antique patina. With a smattering of gold glitter, these are sure to go nicely with your feather fascinator, goggles, and zeppelining outfit!

Steampunk nail wraps come in a 14 piece set for just $10. These are perfect for any steam punk related cosplay or outfit and you know there are a TON at any convention! These are sure to wow and complete the geek in your life's look. Grab them here.

If you're looking for something we didn't list, fear not--we've got loads MOAR themes and variety of designs to choose from. Check out and shop all of our nail wraps and more at Have you tried any of these wraps, which ones you're fave? If not, which one do you have your eye on? Let us know in the comments!

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