Espionage Cosmetics

awesome is a color. we wear it everyday

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Espionage Cosmetics is a #NerdMakeup company introducing products created #ForNerdsByNerds dedicated to building a world of make-up and glitter that is relevant to our fandoms and interests.

We are the home of:

Everything Shadow- A highly pigmented. loose powder that can be used in 17 different cosmetic ways. Eye shadow, eyeliner, highlighter, contour, brow filler, lip color, hair chalking and more!

Nailed it! - The worlds first nerdy nail wrap line: A nerd manicure that takes 10 minutes, doesn't require drying time, and means one less pinterest project for you!

Kiss of Death Lip Serums - infused with coconut and vitamin E oils! These were specifically formulated to be mixed with the "Everything Shadows"! Allowing you to create your custom color!