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Nerd Manicure Product Removal Tutorial

  • By Espionage Cosmetics

Nerd Manicure Product Removal Tutorial


In this video you’ll learn all our tips & tricks to
master removing your Nerd Manicure application!

★ ▽ YOU’LL NEED ▽ ★
- Cotton Balls or Pads
- Oil Based Product
(Any household vegetable oil, coconut oil, etc will do!)


Step 1. Gently lift the nail wraps and peel them off like a sticker!
Step 2. Saturate your cotton ball of pad with an oil product. We’re using vegetable oil!
Step 3. Wipe leftover adhesive residue off your nails!
PRO-TIP: Give your nails a 12 to 24 hour break before applying your next
nerd manicure to let the oils work nourishing magic!



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