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Broken eyeshadow!? Fear not, we have a tutorial!

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Broken eyeshadow!? Fear not, we have a tutorial!

Hey #GlitterArmy fam! Got broken pressed eyeshadows? Do not fret, we're here to halp! It's actually very simple to fix any crumbly bits of your shadow or repair something you straight up dropped on the bathroom floor. 

Repair tools you'll need:
Rubbing alcohol (70% isopropyl or higher) in a spray bottle or an eye dropper.
Coin the size of your eyeshadow (we used a quarter!)
Thin tissue, paper towel, or piece of fabric.

Alcohol is extremely pure and has a high evaporation rate--it helps to rebind the powder without changing the makeup much and will also dry down allowing the makeup to be used again. Don’t over saturate! You don’t want eyeshadow soup, but a paste-like consistency. Use just enough to soften the product so the broken bits form together again.

Use a toothpick, spatula, back of a spoon, butter knife, or even a bobby pin to mix everything together and smooth the product out along the top.

Tap it a few times to get any air bubbles out. Then, wrap your quarter up in a paper towel or tissue and use it to press the shadow back into the pan.

This will re-firm the product and get it re-pressed. Allow it to dry overnight and booyah! It’s not perfect, but it’s better than being shattered and is perfectly usable. 

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