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Nerd Manicure How To Apply Product Tutorial

  • By Espionage Cosmetics

Nerd Manicure How To Apply Product Tutorial

In this video you’ll learn all our tips & tricks to
master your Nerd Manicure application!

★ ▽ YOU’LL NEED ▽ ★
- Nail Polish Remover or Alcohol product.
- Cotton Balls or Pads
- Your Choice of Top Coat
- Espionage Cosmetics Nerd Manicure (Mini File included with 22tip Sets!)


Step 1. Prep your nails by cleaning with nail polish remover to eliminate excess oils.
Step 2. Open packaging and pull out the nail wraps & nail file.
PRO-TIP: Instructions can also be found on the nail wrap sleeve!
Step 3. Take out from pouch and remove the clear plastic layer.
Step 4. Size up nail wraps to each nail.
Step 5. Remove nail wrap and apply either curved edge against your cuticle line
Step 6. Press down and fold the wrap over each of your nails.
Step 7. Once all fingers are done, file off excess wraps downward in one direction.
Step 8. Once you have your nail wraps applied, apply your desired topcoat.



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