Catch these Pokémon IRL! All thanks to this fellow trainer & his 3D printer!

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Catch these Pokémon IRL! All thanks to this fellow trainer & his 3D printer!

3D Printed Pokemon

Pokémon GO! has taken the world by (lightning)storm. We've genuinely been enjoying the positive mojo and sense of community that has sprouted up like a Bellsprout at the root of it all.

One such story caught our eye on Twitter! Aaron, aka @ChewyDinosaur, has been taking his Pokémon training one step farther and leaving 3D printed Bulbasaurs and Digletts at local PokéStops for fellow trainers to stumble upon and capture! Along with his wife, he's been sneaking them in fairly visible locations while out on daily critter hunts. They've already dropped a handful off at a couple of PokéStops and a Gym, so have your Poké Balls ready if you're in the Edmonton or surrounding areas!

Bulbasaur @ PokeStop

3D Printed Pokemon Invade PokeStops
At the moment, he's only 3D printed Bulbasaurs and Digletts, but plans to add many more Pokémon to the squad, as well as Poké Balls and team badges! Perhaps Cubone will be next on his list, Aaron's favorite Pokémon if he was forced to choose one (he was). Or maybe even a Wartortle?! His wife had one run away the other night, which made for a very sad occasion. Those are always the ones that stick with you, paving the way for sleepless nights...the ones that got away. :(

To see what Aaron catches next...check out his Twitter

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Gotta catch 'em all! XOXO Nerd Misfits


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