Critical Role Q&A: Episode 2 - Laura Bailey as Vex'ahlia

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Critical Role Q&A: Episode 2 - Laura Bailey as Vex'ahlia

Critical Role's Laura Bailey as Vex

Alright, #Critters, time for Episode 2 of our Critical Role Q&A! If you haven't been following along and watching Geek & Sundry's show that features insanely talented voice actors on epic Dungeons & Dragons campaigns, then you've surely been missing out on all sorts of mischief!

There was a ripple in time and we got to chat with Laura Bailey, the half-elf ranger/rogue known as Vex'ahlia (Vex for short). Trinket also sat in on this one. <3 Follow along to see how this adventure unfolds…

Geek & Sundry's Critical Role

Espionage Cosmetics: The first episode of Critical Role was originally supposed to be a one time thing. Then the internet exploded with Critical Role love! What was the process like shifting from a game amongst friends into an adventure fans would partake and sit in on?

Laura Bailey: Actually we knew right away that the show was supposed to be a weekly thing, but our very first game at home, THAT was just supposed to be a one-off. We all got together for a little mini adventure, but we ended up having such a blast, that we kept coming back for more. After two years of playing, Felicia Day asked us to come up to the studio for our game and that’s when we first started filming. It was so nerve-wracking! We were afraid we'd bore everyone or just that everything would feel different. But once Matt started talking and we all started interacting, we realized that it was just as much fun as it had always been. 

EC: We're not sure if we missed it, but where does the giant stuffed bear that served as Trinket for several episodes now reside? How many souls did he devour from unsuspecting huggers before he was relocated? Do they still live within him?

LB: He still lives up at Geek and Sundry! He just hangs out off of the set. But I still go snuggle with him when I’m up there since he’s so cuddly. And I’m pretty sure he has around 4 souls he’s playing with right now. He tends to keep them for a week or so before sending them home.

EC: We understand your love and connection to Trinket tenfold and we feel he's undoubtedly an integral part of Vex. We enjoy the dynamic and struggle that he presents. What do you say to those that feel he does more harm than good when it comes to the team? (Perhaps their souls are better served trapped within the stuffed version. Just sayin'.)   

LB: Scanlan can suck it. Trinket is amazing. If he doesn’t get to do much, it’s just because I’m an overprotective mom. And since we found Raven’s Slumber, a sweet necklace that Trinket can be magicked in and out of, he’s been able to travel with us much easier.

EC: When coming up with the wink-loving Vex’ahlia, you were developing the character to go with Vax. What was that like?  

LB: Well actually the goal wasn’t to complement him. We both wanted to be half-elves and decided, since we share a birthday in real life, our characters would be twins. We created a backstory together, but outside of that, their personalities were individual. All of the little traits like... me being a better student than Vax or him being more emotionally honest than Vex developed over time. 

EC: We nearly forgot to ask, but what is Trinket's stance on nail/claw wraps?

LB: He’s so excited about them he can bear-ly contain himself. (I’m sorry. that was terrible.)




Laura Bailey & Trinket / The Majestic Trio of Laura Bailey, Ashley Johnson & Marisha Ray
Geek & Sundry's Critical Role Cast


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Critical Role's Laura Bailey and armored Trinket!

We have one final question for you all: 

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