Let Em Talk: New to the Espionage Cosmetics blog!

  • By Emily Sword of the Jedi

Let Em Talk: New to the Espionage Cosmetics blog!

Hello everyone!

My name is Emily aka the Sword of the Jedi at Espionage Cosmetics. I’m going to start doing some contributions to the Espionage blog and bringing with them my amazing wit, humor, awkwardness, and makeup skills. Some of that is a lie, for example, I have pretty much no makeup skills but I will in fact be doing some blog posts here.

Emily | JediJuggler | DisneyJust so you can get to know me a little, so that you know whose writing you’re reading, here’s some random facts about me. I’m from the Big Island of Hawaii, and despite living in Washington for years, that’s still my home. I love the ocean. I originally came to Washington for college and graduated from the University of Puget Sound, majoring in Theatre and Creative writing. Or as I like to say, I double majored in pretend. Star Wars is my jam. I once wrote a play called “Star Wars in 60 Minutes” and it was the original six movies all done in under 60 minutes and it was one of my favorite things to perform. I want to own all the books in the original Expanded Universe (pre-Disney) because while they may not be the best written, I love ‘em. Mara Jade? She’s one of my favorites, joining the likes of Princess Leia, Jaina Solo, and more. I love Disney and for my theatre major, I was Peter Pan and I someday want to get a Peter Pan tattoo. I’m a playwright and an actor, stage combat is a passion, and I’m working on becoming a runner. Right now though, if I did a marathon, I’d probably run the first few miles and then hitchhike to the end. I’m fascinated by Greek mythology. I’m a huge Sounders fan and River Plate is my team in Argentina. What else? Ask me questions, I’ll answer ‘em!

Emily | JediJuggler | SelfieWhat am I going to be writing about? That’s a great question. I’m hoping to talk about TV, movies, books, and more that are happening in the wonderful world of nerd. I also want this to be a conversation, so if there are topics that you want me to go into, just let me know. Let’s talk cosplay, let’s talk conventions, let’s just talk. 


To get us started, here are some of the things that I’ve been reading / watching in the last few months:


  • Red Rising:  I finished this trilogy earlier this year (in less than ten days). If you haven’t read this series yet, you need to.
  • Harry Potter:  I just finished listening to the audiobooks, which was my first time back to the books in years. They’re still as amazing as I remember them. 


  • Beauty and the Beast:  We saw this the day it came out and I really liked it, and that’s not just because it has so many actors that I absolutely love in it.
  • Rogue One, I have so many thoughts. Overall though, I loved it.
  • Wonder Woman:  I’m so excited for this one! I know almost none of the story and I really want to read some of her comics, because she seems like such an interesting character.


  • Doctor Who:  I’m re-watching it right now, because let’s be honest, we all need more bow ties and wibbly wobbly, timey wimey in our lives.
  • Legion:  I started this recently, and it’s fantastic. I’m still confused but dang that show is good and the actors are killing it. Also Bill Irwin? If I had a quarter of his skill I would be so happy.
  • Arrow, The Flash, and Supergirl:  I’ve always been a Marvel person so it’s been really fun to dive into these shows. Sometimes I love them, sometimes I don’t always like the directions they take.
  • Star Wars Rebels: I was watching this and catching up, but then it disappeared from my On Demand. I need to get back to it because I’m all about as much Star Wars as I can get.
  • NCIS, NCIS LA:  I like trying to solve the mysteries and at the end, I’ll either have predicted the end or I’ll pretend I did. These are just fun for me.
  • Survivor:  The show I feel like I would love to be on while also feeling like I would be absolutely terrible at it. I’d love to do the physical challenges and everything, but the strategy and mental game would kick my ass.

So that’s where we’re going to be starting from. If there’s anything in particular that you’d like me to review, just let me know and I’ll see if I can make it happen. If there’s something you think I should research, something I should go experience, read, watch, anything let’s do it.



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