Preview Night at San Diego Comic Con 2018!

  • By Adriana Palma

Preview Night at San Diego Comic Con 2018!

It hasn't even been a full day of San Diego Comic Con yet and we're already two parties deep! Our first stop was the Game of Bloggers event hosted by Crazy 4 Comic Con. Having attended previous years, we knew it would be a fantastic time for all attending. Booths featuring various vendors lined the wall of the House of Blues, the location for this year's event. The vendors were a lovely addition to this year's party. Some of the vendors included our nerdy friends at Jordandene and Brittnee Braun Designs! Themed drinks, delicious food, and solid music made the whole experience enjoyable. Our CEO, Jaimie Cordero aka The Glitter Jedi, was interviewed by Kari Lane on her Twitter live. Make sure to check it out!

From there we moved onto the Ready Party One event brought to you by Nerds Like Us, Damn Good Shindig, Nerdbot, and The Flux Capacitors! We had the pleasure of partying in The Great And Powerful Og's party in The Oasis (also known as Fluxx Nightclub)! The aesthetic really called back to the film as well as all those phenomenal 80's movies you know and love!

Oh did we mention our nail wraps were in the goodie bags!?!? Haley from Damn Good Shindig is pictured here showing off not only some awesome Ready Player One worthy cosplay, but the AMAZING goodie bags!

Remember, this isn't even day one! We have four more to go! Make sure to check back for more of our adventures! More information on our SDCC schedule can be found on our SDCC blog post.

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