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The Cartridge Compact: A PRESALE Breakdown

  • By Espionage Cosmetics

The Cartridge Compact: A PRESALE Breakdown

The Nerd Misfits have been busy and hard at work trying to make every beauty-loving gamer a special token of geekdom--the Cartridge Compact! These compacts earned a heck of a high-score and a spot on every nerd girls' wishlist since our announcement earlier this week! 

Cartridge Compact: Nerd Makeup LegendCartridge Compact: Nerd Makeup Blox

PRESALES have already begun! If you haven't already, we strongly recommend getting a preorder in for your favorite Cartridge Compact (we won't judge if it's all three! 😉). What's in it for you, if you participate in the PRESALE stage? Let us break it down for you:

PRESALE Pricing Only:
As the PRESALE continues, the price of the Cartridge Compacts will only continue to go up! So get those preorders in while you're getting the best current pricing! Starts at $15 and will continue to riiiiise with our excitement! 

Find the key to unlock free bonuses that’ll be directly added to any preorder! Freebies could be anything from exclusive stickers, buttons, pins, patches...WHO KNOWS!? Keep an eye on our social media for hints to help unlock these bonus gifts! We'll keep you updated on how to participate in their discovery! 😱

Think of these as a sort of "Stretch Goal". Share this PRESALE with your friends & fam and spread the nerd word to power-up! With each new level achieved (based on preorder quantity), a new eyeshadow OR even a new cartridge color is revealed! Once the PRESALE has ended, this will provide everyone with even more choices to pick from! On top of the starting choices, you'll be able to choose from all of the unlocked choices as well! 

That's right, folks! You'll be able to MIX & Match your Cartridge Compact combo! Select options will even include Exclusive Nerd Manicures that you can't get anywhere else! You will be sent a survey after the PRESALE ends to make your final choices!

Cartridge Compact: Nerd Makeup Legend w/ Go Alone!


Keep an eye on the live updating chart that you will find at the bottom of our Cartridge Compact product pages for more choices being added to the line up! You'll see that we've already unlocked two new eyeshadow choices (Battleship & World of Ruins), AND two new cartridge colors (Teal Shimmer & Teal/Grey Mix)! 


Battleship Eyeshadow Unlock!

Teal Shimmer Cartridge Color Unlock!

Make sure you share this with your friends to help unlock even MOAR glorious options! I wonder what's next.....

TO RECAP: here's a timeline highlighting the key dates and features of this PRESALE! Please feel free to drop us a comment or question as we continue this exciting new adventure!

Cartridge Compact Breakdown

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