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Delayed Nail Wraps - FINAL UPDATE

  • By Amanda - Graphic Design & Marketing Demi-God

Delayed Nail Wraps - FINAL UPDATE

We are pleased to announce that 
EVERYTHING IS GETTING READY TO SHIP! Not only the wraps we announced we would have in the previous update, BUT ALL THE WRAPS! We had a lovely surprise when our shipment arrived at HQ. There were many more boxes then we were anticipating. They managed to find all the boxes that were missing and tacked them onto the shipment we were expecting at the last minute!

Because of this glorious news, it has taken us a bit longer to do inventory on the wraps that came in. We were expecting half of what we actually received and our plan did not include getting all of the wraps, although it is a glorious problem to have, it has increased how long things have taken.  So please bear with us while we get all of the orders sorted, queued and sent out! 

Tracking information should be rolling out to you shortly, if you have not received your tracking information by end of day March 15th, please reach out to so they can track down what is happening.
To track your status, you can log in to your account and see the status. As soon as the tracking has been added you will be able to see it! Click here MY ACCOUNT to be taken there.
Thank you again to everyone for your patience with this whole situation. We promise you will not be disappointed with your wraps when you receive them! They look majestic and we can't wait to see your reactons when you get them in and on your hands!

This Update originated as an email sent to customers on March 04, 2019. You can view it in email format here!
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