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Introducing MOAR Nerd Manicure sizes with the NEW 22!

  • By Espionage Cosmetics

Introducing MOAR Nerd Manicure sizes with the NEW 22!

During our Kickstarter in 2014 "But Wait! There's MOAR!" we made a commitment to begin R&D for more and/or smaller nail wrap sizes. We didn't put a timeline on launching them, but we didn't forget about the promise made. Over the last 2-ish years we've been tinkering with sizing, tooling, and production to make this happen. We can now proudly say : PROMISE KEPT!  Our current style of nail wrap includes 14 tips in each package. The new style has a total of 22!

Introducing the NEW 22!


Seeing that it is Espionage Cosmetics' birthday month, we've decided to amplify the excite for you, the #GlitterArmy! 11 varying sizes will be available for your Nerd Manicure needs. That means 22 nail wraps in one pack. 

How about some more pros to this change?

- The obvious....more sizes available!
- Mini nail file included (YAAASSSS!)
- Saves on paper. +1 revival for trees! The comic strip instructional that comes with every nail wrap package is printed on vacuum sealed packaging rather than a standalone insert.
- Cost not affected by the new design!
- Not all designs will be immediately affected by the new packaging, but it's our goal to get to that point! We're starting the transition with 30 designs that are a combination of new designs and customer favorites! :)



Let's rewind... 

That's right! You're looking at the new logo for Espionage Cosmetics. The design follows the route Sam Skyler Art took with the Nerd Makeup palettes in that the iconography represents different facets of nerd-dom!

Now that we've got that covered, let's resume our regular programming of "SQUEE! NEW THINGS!"

 Check out the size difference!

Original Packaging Sizes:

- 10mm
- 11.5mm
- 13mm
- 13.5mm
- 14.5mm
- 16mm
- 17.5mm

New Packaging Sizes:

- 7mm
- 8mm
- 9mm
- 10mm
- 11.5mm
- 12.5mm
- 13mm
- 13.5mm
- 14.5mm
- 15mm
- 16.5mm

Select designs of this variety are available for order NOW. We're priming ourselves at HQ for these new products so you can expect your NEW 22-tip nail wraps to ship starting June 10th! CLICK HERE TO BEGIN and/or click below to enter for a chance to win 10 sets of the "NEW 22"!


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