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#NerdMakeup Hacks: Brush holder for the spooky spirit!

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#NerdMakeup Hacks: Brush holder for the spooky spirit!

Once October 1st hit, the spirit of Halloween manifested itself through our excitement and eagerness to decorate the world in all things spooktacular. If Halloween and all things ghoulish makes up your lifestyle, then consider this....

Submitted for your approval: A skull makeup brush holder.

Skull Makeup Brush Holder

Inspired by customer and Queen of Makeup Storage Hacks Kim B., make your brushes easily accessible with the help of a buddy who is all bones! 

What You'll Need:
- Skull Planter
- Vase Filler Gem Glass
- Your brushes 

When you acquire the items, just fill the skull planter of your choice with the vase filler until an inch is left of the planter. Once you do, arrange your brushes in the skull planter with the handle side wedged in the vase filler.

Vase Filler
CYS Vase Filler Gem Glass Confetti, Table Scatters, Black, 5 lbs, Approximately 580 pcs
$5.70 @


Happy October, everyone!


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