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We are currently revamping our F.A.Q. Page!

Please email customer support if you have any questions! support@espionagecosmetics.com

General Questions

What in the 7 hells is "Nerd Makeup?"

"Nerd Makeup" is the result of fusing fandom and nerdery with the love of cosmetics. The Nerd Misfits firmly believe that hours of raiding is serious business, tabletop campaigns are the best vacations, and comic books are therapeutic handbooks to life. Being a grownup is overrated, but y'know what? Wake up every day and take what is yours with glitter, colors of the rainbow, and awesomeness!

Are there local places where I can find Espionage Products?

You're bound to find us somewhere! We currently have a number of comic book and gaming stores that carry our products. You can check out this map to locate a store near you, shop Nerd Makeup and Nerd Manicures online, or take a look at our upcoming events!

Are you going to be at a convention in my neighborhood?

The Nerd Misfits of Espionage Cosmetics are travelers by nature. Perhaps you'll see us soon! You can check out our events page to see if we'll be in your neck of the woods this year.

What's with all of the glitter?

We hate to sound like a Mariah Carey song, but glitter got us feeling all kinds of emotions.

I have another question! How do I contact you?

Aside from our various social media pages, you can reach the Nerd Misfits in a number of ways. Find what is most accommodating below!

Email: Support@EspionageCosmetics.com

Phone: 253-569-5926

Snail Mail:
Espionage Cosmetics
703 Pacific Ave
Platform 9 3/4
Tacoma WA 98402

Accepted "Snail Mail" Methods: We accept delivery by snail, owl, raven, etc. We will leave a window open. Please withhold from mailing Howlers. Thank you kindly.

Do you have samples of your products?

We do not have samples available presently, but you can view our Instagram feed to see how Nerd Makeup Ambassadors---our brand reps---sport the products. View Instagram here.

I saw a product from the Geek Boutique pictures and I must have it! Does the GB have an online shopping option?

Why, yes! It most certainly does. Visit the link right HERE to be transported to our Geek Boutique portion of the website. From coffee mugs and sprinkles to comic books and pillows in the shape of a poop, we’ve got you covered! If you're in the Tacoma area, check out our next in-store event on our Facebook events page!

Are your products cruelty free?

Behind the scenes, the Nerd Misfits are actually run by their real-life aristocats. As such, we do not test on animals or use any ingredients that have been tested on animals. All of the Espionage products are cruelty free and bursting with furbaby appreciation. When time allows between projects, we continue to work through the various pieces of the long, but certainly worthwhile process of becoming Leaping Bunny certified. Until then, we are Leaping Kitty certified.

Orders & Shipping

How long will it take to get my order?

Orders take 4 to 6 business days to process before it is shipped. Shipping time is separate from processing time and will depend on the shipping method selected at check out. Orders are not processed or shipped on weekends. Unicorns must be unicorns and do unicorn things on the weekends.

Need your makeup or manicures fast? We highly encourage placing your order on a weekday during regular business hours. 

Do you ship internationally?

Yes we do!! Nerds all over the world need Nerd Manicures and Makeup. For more details on international shipping, please visit our shipping info page.

What is your return/refund/exchange policy?

It is a dark day in the Land of Fandom and Glitter when customers are dissatisfied with their nerd goods. While all cosmetics sales are final, nail wraps and other swag can be returned for refund or exchange on a case-by-case basis. For assistance with making a return, please contact us at support.

How much is shipping?

Shipping fees are based on the service option selected and are calculated at check out. For more details, check out our Shipping Page.

Espionage HQ

Where are you guys located? Can I come visit?

The Clubhouse of Fandom and Glitter is located in Tacoma, WA and is currently only open for special events. The best way to stay updated on when those are happening is to visit our events page from time to time.

I want to model for you! What are the requirements? Do I have to be a certain size/race/shape/gender or love a particular fandom to do that?

Do you exist? Yes. Excellent! You qualify. In all seriousness, Espionage Cosmetics is a safe place that respects personal pronouns and all identities. Beauty standards are overrated and we throw them out the door. Come as you are. <3

NOTE: At this time, we are not in search of models, however, you can reach out to our staff to check in on other opportunities or collaborations.

I Stopped by the Geek Boutique and it was closed! What Gives? When are you guys open next??

The Nerd Misfits have been infusing extra love and glitter gusto into all avenues of Espionage Cosmetics! As such, the Geek Boutique will only be open for special events. This gives us the chance to refocus our energies into building bigger and better events, and creating shinier and even more deeply inspired geektastic treasures! To stay current on our upcoming events, take a peek at our Facebook Events Page or The Geek Boutique FB Page!

Wholesale, Exclusives, & Custom Products

I own a comic book store/game shop/salon and I would love to carry the Espionage products. How does one go about that?

If you would like to sell Espionage awesomeness in your store, check out our wholesale page

Does Espionage create custom wraps, lip serums, or color collections for artists and creators that can be sold during conventions and on our site?

Yes, we do! We are able to offer custom, exclusive, and white label services for the following products:

-Nail Wraps
-Rhinestone Accessories
-Makeup Bags
-Nail Files

Send an email to Support@EspionageCosmetics.com letting us know that you are interested in working with Espionage to design a super shiny custom/exclusive product. We will direct you to one of our Nerd Misfits that specialize in forging such precious items.


The website is being bratty and won't let me {insert thing our site is failing at here}! HELP ME!


NOOOOOOOO!!!!! That's not awesome. Email our Suport Scouts at Support@espionagecosmetics.com and we will see if we can conquer this set of stairs together! If you could include as much information as possible, such as any error messages you received, screen shot of the issue, what kind of device you are using (Mobile/PC/Mac), what browser you are using, etc. it would help us tremendously as we troubleshoot! 

What is your Privacy Policy?

Here's our Privacy Policy in its entirety for your viewing pleasure!

What are your site's Terms & Conditions?

If you feel like an adventure, read through our Terms of Service in their entirety!

I saw you are using my picture. Who to I contact to have it removed? 

The Nerd Misfits comb the interwebs for the best photos from the world of Nerd Makeup & Manicures making sure to only pull images from public Instagram, Twitter, and Blog profiles. If we used your photo, it's because we think it's super shiny and totes incredible. If you would like us to take it down, we will do so right away! Send us an email at Support@espionagecosmetics.com with a screenshot of the image and where we have it posted. The minions will take it down post-haste.