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Nail Mail Update: November & December 2019

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Nail Mail Update: November & December 2019

 We’re here with an important update regarding our Nail Mail Monthly subscription. Many of you might have received a renewal notification by now. You may have also noticed that the theme teasers within it have not been updated to reflect a fresh theme coming your way.

Behind the scenes, we have been trying to work through some production issues. We have received some samples of our order and the quality is not quite up to our normal standards.  We’ve been attempting to work with our production line to resolve the quality issue ASAP, but it has taken longer than we anticipated.

Rather than rush through this and possibly have wraps that are not the quality you have come to love and expect from us, we are going to take the time to give this issue the resources it requires to resolve and ensure we are giving you the highest quality product possible.

🥜 With this in mind, we have chosen to push renewals until January 1st, 2020. 🥜

We know this is a disappointment, but we would feel terrible sending out product that does not reflect the standards of this company. Ultimately, this is the best decision at this time.

Our goal is to ensure an enjoyable and reliable experience for our subscribers. We'd obviously like to eliminate any and all delays for the new year.

🥜 Thank you a million times over for your understanding and patience through these hiccups. It means the world to us and we plan to enter 2020 with a BANG!!! 

Thank you for your continued support!

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