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ANNOUNCEMENT: The world of Nerd Makeup is changing...

  • By Espionage Cosmetics

ANNOUNCEMENT: The world of Nerd Makeup is changing...

Incoming transmission from CEO & Glitter Jedi Jaimie Cordero...

My partner Sandra and I formulated our first batch of Everything Shadows in early 2011.
We were really excited and REALLY clueless about where that product line would take us. We sold our first sets on May 1st of that year and officially opened Espionage Cosmetics. Since then, we have traveled thousands of miles and sold more everything shadow colors and collections than we can reasonably calculate. We’ve seen MUAs, cosplayers, and nerd girls all over the world wearing their Espionage Cosmetics for the last 5 years and it has been an incredible rush seeing the excitement grow around our brand and products.
Over the last 24 months, our company that was founded on Nerd Makeup had shifted focus to establishing our Nerd Manicures; something which we have succeeded at thanks in no small part to the astounding and unceasing support of our loyal customers.
That success and support received allows us to move confidently in the direction of really exciting additions to Espionage Cosmetics! The first of which I’ve personally been working on for over 18 months and I am DYING to talk about. However, before we can officially let that cat out of the bag a few steps must be taken.
The first, most difficult step is that we need to start making room in The Land of Glitter & Fandom.
Today, our entire line of Everything Shadows is retiring for good.
Originally when I realized this move would be required, I had anticipated a lot of sad feelings during swirling around this announcement, but instead I feel an incredible wash of pride. I can’t find sadness in ushering out a product that has served us so well and helped us navigate to where we are. Over the last 5 months we have been quietly, wrapping up, all production of everything shadows as well as lip serums and our cosmetic glitters – at least in their current form.
An upcoming sale will give you the chance to purchase all three types of retiring products at a pretty ridiculous price. This will allow the option of stockpiling favorite colors, sparkles, and serums if that’s a thing you want to do. Remaining inventory post-sale will be stocked in our “D&D” section of the site until they are also sold out. I’m gonna repeat just to be clear: the everything shadows, lip serums, and glitter on our website is our remaining stock and will be the only inventory available FOR-EV-ER (bonus points if you just read that in your mind like Squints Palledorous says it).
And now, without further ado we present you with two things:

1) a MASSIVE Nerd Makeup sale
2) A bunch of pretty pictures of something we will be showing but not really telling about until January 2017!

So Say We All,

<3 The Glitter Jedi


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