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Nexus OP spawns with its first ever round: House Pride!

  • By Espionage Cosmetics

Nexus OP spawns with its first ever round: House Pride!

House Pride Round of Nexus OP!
NEXUS leveled up with the introduction of Nexus OP! OP is not a subscription!
Each round of Nexus OP is a random spawn that introduces an exclusive collection of NEW Nerd Manicure designs...focused around a specific fandom! ANYONE can participate in an OP event, but being a subscriber (of B!B and/or Nexus) provides a 50% discount off OP AND you get advanced info and 24 HR access before it goes public! OP will ship anywhere from TWO to FOUR brand new Nerd Manicure designs in a shiny golden bag right to your doorstep! The theme is a surprise, but the endgame is a guaranteed win! ALL designs are participant exclusive and a new event can spawn at any time! Watch for the GOLDEN GLOW when visiting or It signals a new OP event has spawned!


THEME for 1st Random Spawn

First Random Spawn of Nexus OP!

Did you happen to guess this round's theme from our super subtle hints? We know it was a tough one! Hopefully you enjoyed this round as much as we did! ;]

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Main product image by Nerd Makeup Ambassador @ohjaechaos.



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