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Reclaiming the Sparkle

  • By jaimie cordero

Reclaiming the Sparkle

UPDATED: NOV 7,2021 

I just wanted to add a note at the top here to say thank you for the outpouring of love and support we have seen to this blog and the campaign in general. We are more than 50 % funded already and are working towards 100%!
I also wanted to say that I had specifically returned to the blog tonight to reply to comments that have been left by many of you. Unfortunately, it appears that I don't have the option to reply to comments. I wanted to at least tell you how much it has lifted my spirit after an incredibly hard few years to see the messages that you all have been leaving on this blog and on other platforms all over the web. Myself, mi familia, and the small but determined band of Nerd Misfits that have tagged in to help respark EC with this kickstarter want you to know that our gratitude for you all is immense <3 

Hello nerds, geeks, pirates, and princesses, 

This is Jaimie here. For those of you who I may not have had the chance to meet, I am one of the original founders of Espionage Cosmetics, that nerdy little cosmetics and nail wrap company that many of you reading this have grown to love. Me too. Thank you for sticking with us all these years and for taking a few moments out of your day to read this blog post. And to those of you who might be new to Espionage Cosmetics, welcome to our nerdy little space of the world.

The last few years have been especially hard on Espionage Cosmetics. The struggles actually started in 2019 when myself and my family were plagued by health problems that took my focus away from running the company. As my focus moved to my health and personal struggles, the company began to falter and despite having the most amazing team of people employed at EC trying to keep everything running, things just started to fragment. However, by the beginning of 2020, I thought things were starting to take a turn for the better.

Then the pandemic hit.

Like nearly every small business across the country, EC struggled too. I applied for the pandemic assistance for small businesses only to watch the available funds run out before our application was processed. I knew my struggles in 2019 had left the company in a precarious position and I knew the company was now likely to fail.

But then it didn’t. You all kept the company afloat with the slow and steady trickle of orders. Even though the company had dwindled to just me and I was struggling to keep up with it all, you kept placing orders. It wasn’t the same as it had been in years past, but there were still orders. You continued to support and send love to this company despite all of its struggles. And because of you, Espionage Cosmetics is still around.

With all that Espionage Cosmetics has gone through, we have not had any nail wrap production since 2019. The slow and steady orders that have kept the company alive have also depleted our inventory. We want to come back stronger than ever, so we are reclaiming our sparkle and walking into the next chapter of Espionage Cosmetics with a restart of our nail wrap line.

In order to restart our nail wrap line, we are launching a new Kickstarter campaign. This campaign is a relaunch of our beloved nail wrap line. Some of these designs you may have seen before as we are bringing back the designs you loved the most. We are also reimaging and revamping your old favorites and even bringing you fresh designs that are sure to be new favorites. We even have some ideas for new product offerings that can enhance our nail wraps to make things even better.  

We hope you can check out the Kickstarter and support us as we move into the next chapter of this nerdy little company that could.

Thank you for all the amazing support over the last 10 years. I hope with this Kickstarter, we can get 10 more.

All the love and glitter sparkles,
The Glitter Jedi,

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