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What Happened to the Nail Wrap Subscription Boxes?

  • By Victoria Castillo

What Happened to the Nail Wrap Subscription Boxes?

🥳🎉Welcome to Week 2 of the Espionage Cosmetics Birthday Month Celebration! 🎉🥳

In honor of this being our Thirteenth year, we'd like to take you back to memory lane with us at some of our most memorable and favorite moments of EC History! 

If you've been following us since at least November 15th, 2015, you probably remember a little something called BOOM!Box. 


What was a "BOOM!Box" though? It was a nerdy bi-monthly subscription box (later turned quarterly) that offered some of the most fun and best-curated goodies possible. 

Not only did many of your favorite nail wrap designs start off as B!B exclusives...

but we had the honor of working with brands like Jordandene,

and artists of all kind like writer Marissa Meyers 

From there, we were able to launch NEXUS, which later was rebranded to "Nail Mail Monthly" for clarity. 

NEXUS was a nail wrap subscription that shipped 2 brand new Nerd Manicures to your doorstep every month and eventually included three variants: The Regular Monthly Theme, Literary, and Gaming. It also included a bunch of subscriber perks! 

Once we switched to "Nail Mail Monthly" we changed things up a bit. 
(Read the full blog of those changes HERE!

We eventually had to put all of these subscriptions on a hiatus due to many behind-the-scenes factors, but mostly dealing with the "Panini" (as some not so affectionately dubbed the pandemic). 

Now don't be sad, because we have some awesome news for you in May 2024! 

We are very proud to announce our first step back into subscriptions with the new: 


We have seen how popular our Mystery Nail Wraps are with everyone, so we decided to extend this bit of whimsy and curiosity with a new Mystery Nail Mail Subscription service!  

Stay tuned for the release date announcement and thank you all for being here with us! We love you all so much! 🩷

~ V 

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