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What to Expect During Our Birthday Month!

  • By Victoria Castillo

What to Expect During Our Birthday Month!

Happy Birthday to Espionage Cosmetics! We're no longer a "tween" but a full-on 13-year-old! 


In Espionage Cosmetics fashion, you know we are planning on celebrating hard all month! 


So, what can you expect? 



Every Monday, we'll be releasing a new blog featuring some of our favorite moments over the last 13 years while revealing some new epic things for you all! 

Want to get hints before the big announcements? We'll be sporadically giving teases and hints on our TikTok page so make sure you follow us for any clues! 



Expect awesome deals, offers, and even some epic giveaways you can participate in! 


At the end of the month, some exciting news will be revealed! 

Make sure to follow us on all our socials (especially TikTok for those hints) and come by to celebrate another spectacular year with us!




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