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Cosplay Crash Pad #3: Create your own Cubone with Becka Noel!

  • By Hillary J

Cosplay Crash Pad #3: Create your own Cubone with Becka Noel!

Photo by Dhareza Cosplayza

Sometimes you stumble upon a rare and mystical force in your lifetime. Much like the Unicorn, it may be awe-inspiring, beautiful, and full of a spirited energy that makes your heart smile. Their soul seems to sparkle. Becka Noel is one such creature. I've had the pleasure of meeting, frolicking about, and even cosplaying alongside this glorious humanoid and I cannot even begin to convey my love for her. She is a kind-hearted, genuine, and talented young lady and I beseech all of you to take a gander at her large and impressive line of work! Also, be on the look out in 2017 for her cosplay fantasy patterns in collaboration with Cosplay by McCall's!

Now that I've gushed a bit, let's dive into one of her past projects that seems to be bouncing back into the limelight with the popularity of Pokémon GO! Cubone, one of Becka's favorite Pokémon, captured her heart with his iconic bone mask and tragic story. Like many of us, she just wants to love the heck out of him and make it all better! So, she decided to bring his little mask to life and inject some joy into his persona! She created a small herd of Cubone masks and was nice enough to film a short tutorial video for those looking to create their own here.


To grab a sheet of Worbla for this project hop over to: 
(Bonus: Cubone mask is kitty approved.)

Becka Noel - Photos by Dhareza Cosplayza Photos by Dhareza Cosplayza

Also at the top of Becka's most adored Pokémon list is Eevee! Eevee's teeny voice and wee size was enough to tug at her heart strings and win her over! This adoration is clearly reflected in her astonishingly intricate and unique costume rendition of Eevee. She partnered up with Gladzy Kei Art & Cosplay to design these playful Eeveelutions mixed with a dash of Nordic Valkyrie. While each stunning lady constructed her own costume, all weapons were designed by Zach Fischer Illustration. Feast your eyes on these fierce and formidable maidens!    

Becka Noel Eevee CosplayPhoto on left by William Tan Photography / Photo on right by Anna Fischer

Pokemon Eeveelutions Cosplay Group Photo by Destiny's Curse Photography (From left to right starting at top: Glaceon by Caroline Dawe Art & Cosplay, Flareon by Joanna Mari Cosplay, Sylveon by Gladzy Kei Art & Cosplay, Espeon by Danielle Beaulieu, Jolteon by Jessica Nigri, Leafeon by Lyz Brickley, Eevee by Becka Noel, Umbreon by Hooked on Phoenix, and Vaporeon by Andy Rae Cosplay)

To check out more of Becka Noel's sparkly creations and colorful aura swing by her FaceBook, Instagram, or Twitter.  

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 Gotta catch 'em all! XOXO Nerd Misfits

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