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Nerd Makeup Ambassador uses our shadows to create nail polish!

  • By Espionage Cosmetics

Nerd Makeup Ambassador uses our shadows to create nail polish!

Espionage Cosmetics posts numerous looks created by brand reps referred to as either Nerd Makeup or Nerd Manicure Ambassadors. The photos range from character looks to every day beauty to nail looks using nerd manicure wraps from the NAILED IT! line. One hit the web recently from Nerd Manicure Ambassador Delia that wowed followers on Instagram almost immediately. 

Delia took "everything shadows" from the Espionage Cosmetics Nerd Makeup line and created her own beautiful nail polish! Delia created polishes using the following colors...

Harajuku ($5.00) - discontinued
Here's the result!
Want to create your own polish using everything shadows? Make sure you have the following: 
  • A bottle of clear polish you're willing to part with or perhaps acquired for this project (make sure you have ball bearings to help mix)
  • An everything shadow of your choice
  • Small folded piece of paper

It's easier than you think. No 1-2-3-4-5 steps for this one: Simply use the folded piece of paper to gradually pour amounts of everything shadow into the clear polish bottle, mix, and repeat the steps until you reach your desired intensity!

Want to see more nail looks from Delia? Follow her on Instagram: @iamdeliasnails!

Have fun!

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